We’re Peter & Susie Noble & we travel around the world seeking pioneering roads and byways whilst driving our 1925 Lanchester 40hp tourer

When we were courting, and the thought of a house mortgage, a 9-5 job, do- it- yourself repairs, and the dread drudge of weeding a garden was obviously very present in my mind I promised to take Susie to Mongolia rather than a promise about a bathroom or a lovely new kitchen but of course the inevitable happened: a hefty mortgage occurred two lovely baby daughters arrived, and my do-it-myself skills, with the aid of the Readers Digest “do-it yourself” manual, were incorporated into the house we had bought!!!

I started working for the 6th largest conglomerate in the world U.S.I.inc. and Susie kept home and looked after our family which included two stray kittens, Wellington and Bismarck.

But working for a giant American corporation was working for a bureaucracy and with Susie’s full backing we decided to start our own company. That company became successful but the yearning for travel and freedom was ever present. One November evening in 1987 arriving home exhausted and fed up  Susie asked “How would you like to drive our car from London to Peking to Hong Kong and I immediately replied “Get us booked on that” and 2 ½ years later we would leave Marble Arch in our 1955 Bentley Continental S.  It was the great escape.  It made life meaningful, interesting and free.

We have since driven one of our two old cars on every continent except Australia and through almost every country on those continents.

Yet though, I am still to fulfil my promise to take Susie to Mongolia!